Facebook: Successo e Business  v.

Scopri le applicazioni che sono più affini al tuo business, sfrutta le amicizie e i contatti, mantieni costantemente attivo il tuo profilo incuriosendo e attirando persone sulla tua bacheca,

ZonabitOrario  v.4 2

ZonabitOrario produces automatically the school timetable, solving all the constraints without penalizing the teachers.


MSN BackUp  v.1. 3. 2004

Nowadays everybody uses MSN on a regular basis to communicate with friends, relatives, to know people and even for work related reasons.

Praim - Print2000  v.3 2

A software solution to improve the efficiency and quality of documents as well as to automate document management for ERP systems Print2000 is a software product developed to offer companies a tool for optimizing both the quality and readability o

Easy Catalog  v.1.0.4

Easy Catalog is user-friendly software to create multimedia catalogues for publishing on paper, CD-Rom, or the Internet.

SysUp  v.

Quickly find out your system uptime. SysUp is a Windows software that will let you know how long your computer has been running.Using SysUp You should start SysUp from command prompt or from another software or batch.Command Line Options SysUp

LibertyCommerce  v.7.6.1 International

LibertyCommerce is one outstanding program that contains various tools to help you easily manage your business. LibertyCommerce International is management program that is absolutely free. The original idea behind the project was to get our company

Times  v.1.0

Quickly view the number of seconds passed since midnight. Times is a Windows console software that displays time complete of seconds, milli seconds and seconds from midnight.Using Times You should start Times from command prompt, script or batch

CCalc  v.

CCalc can quickly perform various calculations from the console. It is a console software that will let you to quickly perform some calculation.

EmptyBin  v.1.0

Quickly empty the recycle bin. EmptyBin let you to empty the recycle bin from a batch software or directly. EmptyBin is a Windows software that will let you to empty the recycle bin from a batch software or directly.EmptyBin requires Windows 9x/ME,

ByteCopy  v.1.0

ByteCopy can help quickly copy a file up to 10000 Tera Byte showing a copy progress status.,

BootCopy  v.1.0

BootCopy is a Windows native software that will let you to smoothly perform a file copy while Windows is booting (the start up process). Since the software is native the utility is provided with a setup software (BootCopySetup.

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